The Right Hustle by Rajesh Setty 

Fine-tuning the art of moving the Needle

To hustle right is to choreograph the actions of those that matter to create meaningful accomplishments in an arrangement where everybody involved finds a win

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You may have been told time and again - "The best way to get things done is to hustle hard."

Somehow, it has not worked for you.

Either you are not comfortable with the concept or you simply are unsure how and where to get started RIGHT.

This course is here to not only change that mindset, but also lay the foundation for doing it right.

Our simple goal is to help you fine-tune the art of moving the needle effortlessly.

Is this course for you?

This is sometimes a trick question? 

Here is why...

- If I say YES, I will come across as self-serving 

- If I say NO, I will come across as arrogant

So, here are the characteristics of the people I designed the course for

1. You Are

You are Smart and Capable

2. You Are

You want to make a meaningful difference and are willing to pay the pricing for it

3. You have a Beginners Mindset

In short, you are not a 'Know it all' kind of person

There are a few more to list, but the above three is a good start.

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What you can expect from this course

In short, if you go through this course, reflect on what you learned and apply even half the lessons covered in this course , you can expect to

Get buy-in from Key people for your projects 

Be More Influential in Life and Work

Lay the foundation to build a powerful personal brand

Learn to move the needle for others (with ease)

Course Curriculum

The Right Hustle

Core Principles of The Right Hustle 

The Hustle Overdrive - The Art of Leverage 




Think Choreography

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What Others Are Saying:

"The Right Hustle is a must listen for anyone who is seeking to up their professional growth and network. In his trademark calm, non-pretentious way, Rajesh takes the listener on a deep journey of knowledge and insight - and all the while it seems like a casual fireside chat with an old friend! There is much magic and wisdom in The Right Hustle, and I strongly encourage going through this course to understand and leverage your relationships in the best way"

Immanual Joseph

Founder, Compassion Leaders

Joshua Rozario 

Thought Leadership Marketer

"One of the most insightful courses I've taken lately. It sure has helped me move the needle in my business too. All my career I hustled the wrong way and now I realize how ineffective it has been. This course has massively shifted my perspective towards  Hustling in Business. I highly recommend this course to every Entrepreneur and Sales Professionals.

Thank you so much Rajesh!"

"Forget everything you’ve heard, read or think about the word “hustle” - it’s all wrong. If you want lasting and meaningful successes not just in your business, but in all areas of your life, Right Hustling is the path. Raj clearly and cleverly makes the case for how having others’ best interests in mind is the most intelligent, effective, and rewarding “hustle” in the world - and lays out exactly how to do it. The impact these principles will have on my future endeavors is going to be so exciting to watch.

Raj, unlike so many of the courses I’ve taken in my life, I am forever and deeply changed, and a better human as a result of this one. Thank you so much."

Rana Olk

Founder, School of Connection

Meet the Course Instructor

Rajesh Setty

Entrepreneur I Author I Teacher 

Rajesh “Raj” Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and teacher based in the Silicon Valley. Raj has co-founded multiple technology and publishing firms since 2000, the latest being Audvisor (, a push-button learning platform for professional growth.

Raj has written and published over sixteen books, the first one being published at the age of thirteen. He maintains a blog (at with over 1,900 blog posts.

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