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- Rajesh Setty

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Here’s what they are saying about Rajesh Setty:

Adeo Ressi

Founder, The Founders Institute

“Rajesh is an engaging and thoughtful Mentor in the Founder Institute, and his talks are widely respected by Founders around the world.”

Dan Stratford

Founder, Standpoint.              

"As a first-time entrepreneur, I was hungry for advice that would give me an edge. When Rajesh taught me the first reframes, I immediately started seeing new possibilities. The more time passes the more I realize just how valuable they are, and I keep going back to review and apply better."

Vishal Bhatia

Founder, Dedicated Developers

"Water boils at 211 F and becomes the powerful steam at 212 F. That one degree makes all the difference. Working with Rajesh and his frameworks brings that 1 degree impact in your life and business. I will always be grateful for his mentorship, friendship and wisdom.”